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catppuccin theme


pomodoro timer

Requires to have go setup to install using go install.

go install

basic usage

pomo start
pomo stop
pomo  # to check the current timer
pomo start 50m
pomo var e  # edit settings

pomo on tmux catppuccin theme

Add status interval to change to 1 sec, and change catppuccin status items.

set -g status-interval 1 

set -g @catppuccin_status_modules_right "pomo application date_time"
# set -g @catppuccin_status_modules_right "application session date_time"

Add a new status file at plugins/tmux/status/
show_pomo() {
  local index=$1
  local icon="$(get_tmux_option "@catppuccin_test_icon" "󰙨")"
  local color="$(get_tmux_option "@catppuccin_test_color" "$thm_green")"
  local text="$(get_tmux_option "@catppuccin_test_text" "#(pomo)")"

  local module=$(build_status_module "$index" "$icon" "$color" "$text")

  echo "$module"

Run pomo start and the pomo status will be shown at the tmux catppuccin right status section. Add alias such as "timer='pomo start 25m'" and you get a nice handy pomodoro timer.