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[[nvim]] and [[lazyvim]]

lazyvim default keymaps

spell check

Spelling check is being done by default.

Run ]s to find misspelled word, z= to get the suggestions and select prompted key to select and replace from the suggestion, replace the same word appears in the current buffer by :spellr, or zg to mark the word as good one such as "Kubernetes".

action key
Move to next misspelled word after the cursor ]s
Spell check search in a opposite direction than ]s [s
Suggest correctly spelled words z=
Replace all for the latest replacement done by z= :spellr[epall]
Mark the word as good one and record it in the dictionary zg
Undo the latest zg to remove it from the dictionary record zug

comment out

action key
Comment out the line gcc

In markdown file, the line will be commented out using html <!-- -->.

<!-- | Comment out the line  | `gcc`   | -->

lazyvim notification / noice

action key
Noice all <leader>sna
Noice history <leader>snh