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Krew is the plugin manager for kubectl command-line tool.

Follow the steps described here to install krew. Below is my setup log. However, as also mentioned in building home lab series, I found there isn't a way to use desired version, I uninstalled and sought the other way.

$ (
  set -x; cd "$(mktemp -d)" &&
  OS="$(uname | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')" &&
  ARCH="$(uname -m | sed -e 's/x86_64/amd64/' -e 's/\(arm\)\(64\)\?.*/\1\2/' -e 's/aarch64$/arm64/')" &&
  KREW="krew-${OS}_${ARCH}" &&
  curl -fsSLO "${KREW}.tar.gz" &&
  tar zxvf "${KREW}.tar.gz" &&
  ./"${KREW}" install krew

++ mktemp -d
+ cd /tmp/tmp.vl3TqUSH0u
++ uname
++ tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'
+ OS=linux
++ uname -m
++ sed -e s/x86_64/amd64/ -e 's/\(arm\)\(64\)\?.*/\1\2/' -e 's/aarch64$/arm64/'
+ ARCH=amd64
+ KREW=krew-linux_amd64
+ curl -fsSLO
+ tar zxvf krew-linux_amd64.tar.gz
+ ./krew-linux_amd64 install krew
Adding "default" plugin index from
Updated the local copy of plugin index.
Installing plugin: krew
Installed plugin: krew
 | Use this plugin:
 |      kubectl krew
 | Documentation:
 | Caveats:
 | \
 |  | krew is now installed! To start using kubectl plugins, you need to add
 |  | krew's installation directory to your PATH:
 |  |
 |  |   * macOS/Linux:
 |  |     - Add the following to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc:
 |  |         export PATH="${KREW_ROOT:-$HOME/.krew}/bin:$PATH"
 |  |     - Restart your shell.
 |  |
 |  |   * Windows: Add %USERPROFILE%\.krew\bin to your PATH environment variable
 |  |
 |  | To list krew commands and to get help, run:
 |  |   $ kubectl krew
 |  | For a full list of available plugins, run:
 |  |   $ kubectl krew search
 |  |
 |  | You can find documentation at
 |  |
 | /

$ kubectl krew
error: unknown command "krew" for "kubectl"

$ v ~/.bashrc
# to add export to append krew path by adding this line
# export PATH="${KREW_ROOT:-$HOME/.krew}/bin:$PATH"

$ source ~/.bashrc

$ kubectl krew
krew is the kubectl plugin manager.
You can invoke krew through kubectl: "kubectl krew [command]..."

  kubectl krew [command]

Available Commands:
  help        Help about any command
  index       Manage custom plugin indexes
  info        Show information about an available plugin
  install     Install kubectl plugins
  list        List installed kubectl plugins
  search      Discover kubectl plugins
  uninstall   Uninstall plugins
  update      Update the local copy of the plugin index
  upgrade     Upgrade installed plugins to newer versions
  version     Show krew version and diagnostics

  -h, --help      help for krew
  -v, --v Level   number for the log level verbosity

Use "kubectl krew [command] --help" for more information about a command.