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Kubernetes on Hyper-V

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Kubernetes on Hyper-V


I have a kubernetes cluster running on baremetals which has my apps, monitoring, logging, storage, gateway, certificate management, and many things running. I next wanted to try out the volume snapshots feature, and found out that the directpv does not support it.

I am going to try out rook this time, and instead of resetting my current cluster on baremetal servers, I will try this out on Hyper-V VMs.



  • What to build
    • load balancer for control plane access
      • Traefik on Debian 12
    • control plane nodes
      • Debian 12
    • worker nodes
      • Debian 12
  • Powershell to build VMs
  • Debian 12 installation
    • Hyper-V VM snapshot
  • Ansible to setup Kubernetes-ready nodes
    • Hyper-V VM snapshot
  • Build Kubernetes cluster
  • Setup GitOps and SOPS
  • ...