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volume snapshot

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volume snapshot

backup and restore using Kubernetes volume snapshot

Similar to how API resources PersistentVolume and PersistentVolumeClaim are used to provision volumes for users and administrators, VolumeSnapshotContent and VolumeSnapshot API resources are provided to create volume snapshots for users and administrators.

A VolumeSnapshotContent is a snapshot taken from a volume in the cluster that has been provisioned by an administrator. It is a resource in the cluster just like a PersistentVolume is a cluster resource.

A VolumeSnapshot is a request for snapshot of a volume by a user. It is similar to a PersistentVolumeClaim.

directpv does not support volume snapshots

Oh no... Do I have to start all over?


# before the setup
$ kubectl api-resources | grep csi
metricsinstances                                                                  true         MetricsInstance
csidrivers                                                                                      false        CSIDriver
csinodes                                                                                        false        CSINode
csistoragecapacities                                                                            true         CSIStorageCapacity

$ kubectl get csidrivers
NAME              ATTACHREQUIRED   PODINFOONMOUNT   STORAGECAPACITY   TOKENREQUESTS   REQUIRESREPUBLISH   MODES                  AGE     true             true             false             <unset>         false               Ephemeral              45d
directpv-min-io   false            true             false             <unset>         false               Persistent,Ephemeral   45d